Why did we create GradTrek? Because every year millions of people make critical life and career decisions without access to adequate information. That’s just not right, and it’s not fair to students.

More and more people feel they need a graduate degree to have a successful career. And if you think about it you’ll quickly realize that the decision to attend graduate school is one of the most important investment decision many people will ever make. If you buy the wrong house or car, you can always sell it and start again. And if you go to the wrong college, you can always change majors or transfer someplace else and take your course credits with you. But for students who enroll in the wrong graduate program, the risks are much greater. Students end up not using their degrees (such a waste!) or dropping out. And many graduate students take on debt that takes years to pay off. This situation may be good for universities and banks, but it’s awful for students and for society.

GradTrek can’t fix the higher education system, but we can balance the information asymmetry between students and graduate schools. When you apply to graduate school, whether for an MBA, MA, MS, MSW, PhD, graduate certificate or anything else, the schools ask for all your information: your age, gender, ethnicity, interests, grades, personal statement, letters of recommendation, test scores…pretty much whatever they want, all in a format that allows them to quickly and efficiently evaluate you. And what information can students get about graduate programs? Well, let’s see…You can check out their web sites and look up their national ranking, if they have one, and if you know where to start looking in the first place. And that’s pretty much it.

That’s where GradTrek comes in. We’ve collected over 1.3 million pieces of data on over 41,000 graduate degrees in the United States, and built a user interface that allows you to quickly get the information you need to amp up your grad school search. Researching graduate school is a serious, high-stakes project. But we’d like to think that with GradTrek, students finally have the right tool for the job.

-The GradTrek Team
 Gabe Ignatow, PhD, CEO
 Sudhir Nayak, COO
 Eric Steinhoff, CFO
 Wheeler Pulliam, PhD, Director of Sales