Holistic and Transpersonal Counseling Programs

Holistic and transpersonal counseling programs can be searched in GradTrek using the keyword “counseling.” Our app makes it easy to search holisitc or transpersonal counseling degrees and programs by location, affordability and other factors. We have programs from recognized institutions including Southwestern College and New Earth Institute and Naropa University, but please contact us if your university is not included.

You can search for Holistic and Transpersonal Counseling programs and other closely related competitive programs on GradTrek. As always, when using GradTrek for graduate program searches, you can be most productive by using the tips below.

1. Start on a desktop or laptop

GradTrek works well on a tablet and even a smartphone. But when you first start using it, we recommend starting on a desktop or laptop computer. GradTrek is a powerful piece of software with many features, and everything goes more smoothly when you have more screen space.

2. Focus on the Subjects page

This is the most important page in the survey by far. We recommend coming back to this page several times to adjust your subject searches. Our database includes over 400 subjects, and many degrees fall into multiple subject categories.

3. Don’t choose a Specific Degree unless absolutely necessary

There are almost a thousand different degree types in our data set. Unless you are absolutely positively 100% sure what specific degree you want, you’re better off choosing either doctoral-level, masters-level, or certificate-level degrees and then choosing subjects. This way you’re likely to find types of degrees that you may not have known about that may be a good fit for you.

4. Save programs with the “+” button and take notes

When searching for graduate programs there’s no longer any need to fill folders with information about various programs’ deadlines and admissions requirements, or even to construct spreadsheets summarizing the status of your applications. You can do most if not all of this work with the My Programs page and the Notes feature (use the notepad icon). Once you’ve gotten started, you can easily view, add, or delete programs using your phone or other mobile device.

Be sure that when you reach GradTrek’s results page, whatever you do–don’t stop! You can click on the program to navigate to the degree program page, or on the “+” button to save the program to your profile. From there you can write notes for each program, and your notes will be automatically saved.

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