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How to make the best use of GradTrek’s degree search engine.

GradTrek degree search uses program interests, location, GPA and test scores (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT) to find the masters degree programs that fit your criteria. The algorithm shows the programs that best matches the search criteria and will give you an idea of where it would be best to apply. Search recommendation results have extensive content aggregation and include useful information like, University pages, Catalogs, Videos, Inside information and Social media links like Facebook, LinkedIn, Professor Ratings. 15 minutes with this free tool can save you days of research on internet.

1. Start on a laptop or desktop

GradTrek works well on phones/tablets but a desktop or laptop computer is recommended. GradTrek is a powerful piece of software with many features, and everything goes more smoothly when you have more screen space.

2. Focus on the Subjects page

This is the most important page in the survey. We recommend coming back to this page several times to adjust your subject searches. Our database includes over 400 subjects, and many degrees fall into multiple subject categories. Don’t choose a Specific Degree unless absolutely necessary – there are almost a thousand different degree types in our data set. You’re better off choosing either doctoral-level, masters-level, or certificate-level degrees and then choosing subjects. This way you’re likely to find types of degrees that you may not have known about.

Subjects Interests  

3. Enter the preferred location

Specify your choice of school location – options include distance from zipcode, or choose one or more of the States, Regions or entire US.

Location - Zip code, State, Region or entire US  

4. Tuition cost

Specify the importantance of tuition cost – Very little, Moderately and A great deal. In general, it is better to choose “Very little” on the slider scale and later narrow down the results based on tuition costs data from University pages.

Tuituin Cost  

5. Test Scores

Optionally, enter your test scores. Gradtrek is probably the only site which uses your GPA and other standardised test scores to match you to University programs.

Test Scores with GPA, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT

5. The results of your degree search

A list of recommendations sorted by best fit are provided. The GradTrek database has every accredited university in US to make sure we provide a comprehensive list of results. Scroll down the list to find the next best options. The counter on the top updates in real time as you modify the search criteria. This helps in expanding (or narrowing) your criteria to get to manageable list of programs. You can run the survey multiple times, tweaking the search criteria.

Grad School recommendation

Program and Degree Details Page – Clicking a program will take you to program details page has extensive content aggregation and includes useful information like, University page, Catalog, Videos, Social media like Facebook, Professor Ratings, and also inside information. You can takes notes using the notes feature and save a program using the “+” sign. A snapshot of the program details page is below.

Program Detail

Thank you

We hope our grad school finder software helps you find the right degree program that meets your needs. For now when you click TRY IT OUT you are sent to our signup page. We’re working on making the signup optional. For now, our users have to deal with the registration page. But it’s actually easy, since you can enter any email address and user name (Just Looking, or whatever) you like. We recommend using a real email address as it will help you in recovering the forgotten password. If you have further questions about graduate school admissions and requirements, or want to know how admissions committees make decisions, our CEO Gabe Ignatow, who moonlights as a Sociology Professor (JK), is answering questions in the forum on under the alias SocProf. He’s also available on Quora, and of course you can reach us via email at

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