In the October newsletter we cover some of the top questions applicants are afraid to ask about grad school. Plus: Digital Marketing degrees and finance options for international students.


Answers to questions from real grad school applicants. For more information check out our pages on the TheGradCafe and Quora.

Is it possible to get admission into a PhD program without a master’s degree?

Absolutely, and you can save time and money this way, although many programs prefer that applicants show evidence of ability to complete graduate coursework… Read more about pass-through masters versus terminal degrees >>

How will bad grades my freshman year affect admission into grad school?

Many applicants are skittish about their freshman year grades, but graduate programs generally focus on grades in courses related to their subject and the skills needed to excel… Read more about GPA in major, overall GPA, and admissions standards >>

Can you apply to graduate school if you don’t have references from former professors?

It will be difficult, but it will depend on the specific graduate program to which you are applying. In the case of programs with an applied, practical focus… Read more about how admissions committees look at references >>

Prodigy Loans for International Students


GradTrek has partnered with Prodigy Finance, a community platform that offers student loans to international postgraduate students attending top universities. Prodigy assesses applicants based on projected earnings rather than historical credit, allowing the company to provide funding to students without collateral, a cosigner or guarantor. It also enables qualified investors, and the alumni of top schools, to assist students from their alma mater or home country while earning a financial return. Learn more about international student loans >>


Masters degrees in digital media are relatively new. With investments in digital content rapidly growing worldwide, interest in digital media is at an all time high. Most digital media graduate programs are open to applicants with bachelors degrees in any field who are interested in the production and/or distribution of digital media through a variety of platforms. There are career possibilities in a variety of fields including media and web development, computer games, and digital media industries Career opportunities include website design, digital visual effects production, post production supervision, and digital post production. Read more about graduate school for digital media >>

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