Advising students or alumni who are thinking about graduate school? Get started with GradTrek for Counselors, our free software for university career centers and advising offices. With GradTrek for Counselors you can invite students and alumni to GradTrek, view the programs they’re saving, and message users on each program. You can spend the time you would have spent Googling on better things, like discussing career and life goals and options for financing graduate degrees and professional certificates.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Use your university email address to sign up on Check out the site to learn how your students and alumni will use it.

2. To try out the Counselor dashboard, use your same university email address to email with the following subject line:

[first name] [last name] [department or office]

For example: John Smith Career Center

4. We will switch your account to Counselor. Next time you log in you will see the Counselor dashboard:

Invitation to GradTrek for students and alumni

From here you can use the three icons on the top right to invite more students, search for students by name or email address, or logout. To try it out, try inviting yourself to GradTrek using a non-university email address. Then you can try leaving messages (using the notepad icon) as Counselor or user.

Just FYI, several important features are in the pipeline, including the ability to upload your university or college logo to replace the GradTrek logo, and a tool to allow counselors to add and edit graduate programs from their own university.

As always, please email us at if you have any questions or concerns. And thanks for using GradTrek! Your students and alumni deserve the best search experience possible, and we’re doing all we can to provide just that.

-The GradTrek Team
 Gabe Ignatow, PhD, CEO
 Sudhir Nayak, COO
 Eric Steinhoff, CFO
 Wheeler Pulliam, PhD, Director of Sales

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