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GradTrek is an online grad school finder and Masters, MBA, and PhD search engine that lets you search every accredited graduate degree in the United States in second. With our graduate school search website you can search 40,000 degrees in seconds, whether you’re thinking about an MBA or are looking for a JD, MA, PhD or other graduate degree or certificate.

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Personalized results.

The GradTrek graduate school search engine uses your interests, scores on the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and LSAT, budget, and desired location to find just the right degree for you.

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Get organized!

  • Save search results with your notes.
  • Explore inside information on universities and professor ratings.
  • Explore degree program pages, videos, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages for each degree.
  • All in one place!
  • What people are saying about GradTrek:

    “Holy flippin’ spidermonkeys. Thank you! I’m at a crossroads trying to decide if I should go down the management route (MBA…) or the practice route (MS HCI/UX). The options are dizzying. GradTrek does what it says on the box. “….lets you do in 10 minutes what would take you days searching the Internet on your own.””

    GradTrek user, on reddit.com, Nov. 4, 2014

    “I’ve been waiting for a product like GradTrek for many years. I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about graduate school, whether you’re contemplating a professional certificate, Masters degree or PhD.”

    Donald Asher– Internationally renowned career expert and author of Graduate Admissions Essays (now in its 4th edition)

Helpful Tips

Not ready to start searching? Get started with these helpful resources from GradTrek and our partners.

  • icon essay for Grad School Application

    Grad School Application Tips

    The grad school admissions process is intimidating, but it’s important that you put your best foot forward. GradTrek can help by providing links to trusted experts who can assist you with grad school admissions tips, personal statements, writing samples, resume and recommendation letters.

  • icon financing for grad school

    Get Help With Admissions

    The decision to enroll in graduate school is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make, and it’s important to be as informed as possible about your options for applying to and financing your graduate education. GradTrek can help with useful advice and links to experts we trust.

  • icon distance learning

    Apartments, Visas, and Loans

    Whether you’re relocating to a new city or a new country, GradTrek can help. We offer advice and links to people and sites with expertise in relocation expenses, visas, travel, and cost of living. We won’t let distance stop you from pursuing your educational goals.


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Why did we create GradTrek? Because every year millions of people make critical life and career decisions without access to adequate information. That’s just not right, and it’s not fair to students.

More and more people feel they need a graduate degree to have a successful career. And if you think about it you’ll quickly realize that the decision to attend graduate school is one of the most important investment decision many people will ever make. If you buy the wrong house or car, you can always sell it and start again. And if you go to the wrong college, you can always change majors or transfer someplace else (and take your course credits with you). But for students who enroll in the wrong graduate program, the risks are much greater. Students end up not using their degrees (such a waste!) or dropping out. And many graduate students take on debt that takes years to pay off. This situation may be good for universities and banks, but it’s awful for students and for society.

GradTrek can’t fix the higher education system, but we can balance the information asymmetry between students and graduate schools. When you apply to graduate school, whether for an MBA, MA, MS, MSW, PhD, graduate certificate or anything else, the schools ask for all your information: your age, gender, ethnicity, interests, grades, personal statement, letters of recommendation, test scores…pretty much whatever they want, all in a format that allows them to quickly and efficiently evaluate you. And what information can students get about graduate programs? Well, let’s see…You can check out their web sites and look up their national ranking, if they have one, and if you know where to start looking in the first place. And that’s pretty much it.

That’s where GradTrek comes in. We’ve collected over 1.3 million pieces of data on over 40,000 graduate degrees in the United States, and built a user interface that allows you to quickly get the information you need to accelerate your graduate school search. Researching graduate school is a serious, high-stakes project. But we’d like to think that with GradTrek, students finally have the right tool for the job.

GradTrek is much more than another searchable directory. With our specially designed user interface and recommendation engine, all you have to do is tell GradTrek a little bit about your preferences for graduate school (location, cost, and subject) and we show you all the degrees that match your search criteria, with results sorted by how well programs are likely to fit your needs. The programs that you see first are the ones that we think are the best fit for you, but if you don’t like those, you can scroll down for more, or change your search criteria–all in mere seconds. Because we don’t accept money from universities to promote their programs, you can trust GradTrek’s results. We start with every graduate degree program in the United States, find the programs that meet your criteria, and sort the results for you based on personal fit. A counter at the top of the screen displays your degree count in real time as you work your way through our software. We provide you with information and links to sites we trust for objective analysis of degrees and career paths, and give you free access to our database of over 39,000 graduate degrees offered by universities in the United States. You can save the programs that interest you to your free personal profile page, explore each program right away or later on from your phone, tablet or desktop computer, and even save notes on each program. Researching graduate school takes time–time that most of us just don’t have. GradTrek lets you do in 10 minutes what would take you days searching the Internet on your own. Of course you should still do your own research using the Internet and your professional contacts. And using GradTrek is actually fun. No, we’re serious. Really. Maybe you know where you’d like to go to graduate school but want to comparison shop a little before taking the plunge. Or maybe you have only the vaguest idea about grad school and just want to browse around. Either way, GradTrek is–believe it or not–actually fun to use. The user interface is smooth and fast, it works well on phones and tablets, and we guarantee GradTrek will help you learn something new and useful about graduate school.

Your GradTrek account is free, and all you need for registration is an email address. Get started now to explore our library of over 40,000 MAs, MSs, MBAs, MEds, PhDs and so many more.

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